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schoolgirl outfits from bobon21 ♡

c: gimme a few hours and shore thing, man. about to do that sleep nonsense

i’m gonna sleep for about eight hours now so yeah c’:
if you want to add me on skype in the meantime, mine is sara.magliulo1

i’m going to bed yep, i’m p tired
now i have ten days of break from school yay

goonight guys~
remember to tell me if you want to plot/rp



uhhh… I’ll call it…

"it’s not red if the lips aren’t really touching"~

I saw something similar to this on sara’s shipping tag, and I had to draw these two being stupid moirails ehe.

i can’t even describe the reaction i had, omg. it’s so beautiful jess ;v;


i’d love to plot anything with you

Awesome! any trolls you wanna do a thing with?

i have no clue tbh


An ornate 6 shot wheel-lock revolving musket decorated with gold, silver, ivory, and bone.  Originates from Russia, 16th century, possibly restored or added onto in the 18th or 19th century.