i have to go now and sorry if i didn’t reply to things but i thought i’d come back earlier and now i don’t have time to do things

so goodnight and i will reply tomorrow after chores and then you all gets replies yes
/nova cerbet and douxas are so close to be canon it’s frustrating and amazing/

Ask something about the mun, but the muse will answer!



altamaranempire ha risposto al tuo post “i need stanse in this hairstyle”

do it do it<3

when i will have the ability to do that

lays down


>You smile at him a little and your fins flutter 

§glad wE found a good way to pass tiME

>As you finally arrive you grab his wrist again but this time more gently,trying not to squeeze his arm or something ,you start dragging him away with you. You still don’t understand how did he agree to come with you so fast but you’re glad that he did

§Mind if I Explain youR RolE a bit?

> You smile at her too and enjoy how your actions have this kind of influence to her.

(i’m glad too)

> You let her bring you whereever she wants, it isn’t a porblem for you. You’re hers now and you can’t fight back, now this will be your life. And it can seem pretty creepy how happy you’re about that.

(i’d like to hear what i nee to do, yes)

i need stanse in this hairstyle


Pale leaf, Pink sweet, Persephone (by the ghosts I summoned)